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Australian Graphic Design Association
Graphic typeface
The Pinnacle is the highest honour awarded by the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) and, at the time of this project, had been awarded to 59 different designers since its inception in 1992. In order to celebrate the 2014 awards and honour the enormous commitment of each Pinnacle recipient, Formist created a graphic typeface constructed of Pinnacle-style triangles, along with an edition of 59 triangle prints using blood as the print medium and the glass Pinnacle trophy as the printing block. The 59 Pinnacle prints were then combined to create a poster to help promote the 2014 AGDA Awards and the Pinnacle award in particular. The poster features the word “Sacrifice” set in the Equilateral typeface and features exactly 59 of the blood-printed triangles. The poster also utilised Formist’s Kapitol typeface for the informational text.
Equilateral Equilateral Equilateral Equilateral